Carlow, Ireland

I’m a games development student at IT Carlow. I’ve worked at Ericsson’s R&D section as a software engineer, working on visualising data in browsers. I also label myself a co-founder of The Flax Project, focusing on the development of a HTML5 game engine. I’ve gravitated towards web development, specifically HTML5 games. However, I also have a grounding in much lower-level technology, like C++ and OpenGL, and in what little free time I have, I enjoy amateur robotics. I’ll work on anything that’s interesting. I love trying to solve real-world problems, especially through games.

Java, JavaScript, HTML5, GWT, C++


Flax Project 06/2010 - Present
Co-Founder, Games Developer, Engine Programmer, Blogger
A fellow student, Ciarán McCann, and I decided to make a HTML5 game engine during the first summer of our college years. We had been offered office space by the college after our participation in a Java AI programming contest and later the ACM inter-collegiate programming competition, so we were stuck for a project. Myself and Ciarán learned several new frameworks and languages, not to mention HTML5 features, and sat down to write the engine. It’s still not finished, as college has been in the way, but I still count it as an achievement. Check it out!
Ericsson 05/2011 - 08/2011
Software Engineer (Intern)
Ericsson contacted me because of my work at Flax and offered me a job. I’m still in college, but I took it for the summer. I worked with somewhat similar technology (HTML5 and GWT) as for Flax. I worked on a project to do with visualising data in browsers.

IT Carlow 2009 - 2013
BSc (Honours), Computer Games Development
Robocode AI Programming Competition 2010, ACM inter-collegiate programming competition 2010 and 2011, Global Game Jam 2011

Mentioned as an “enterprising undergraduate” by Wired UK, and once beat Trinity College Dublin in an AI programming competition.

International Game Developers Association (IGDA) Charter Member